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HIM + HIS is an anthology of visual and written contributions exploring the strengths and weaknesses of men and mental health. 500 pages of contributions have been made by over 100 individuals; those affected by the stigma of mental health and masculinity.

522 pgs, 21 × 14.8 cm, Softcover, 2018, 978-1-9993632-0-8

100% of all proceeds will go to @blackmindsmatter.uk connecting black people with black practitioners offering free therapy and resources.


We understand more than ever the effects of racial discrimination across this country, for many black people the cases of violence against individuals such as George Floyd in the USA and the many historic incidents in the UK are deeply triggering. Treating mental health must be a priority in the fight for equality and welfare of black people in the UK.

We also understand that the NHS is currently in crisis and therapy is not always readily available. Our aim is to link as many black individuals and families in the UK with certified, professional, black practitioners for sessions as soon as possible.

Our aim is to use the money raised to pay in full for therapy sessions for those in need. We have created a website http://www.blackmindsmatteruk.com/ so that individuals may choose a practitioner to their liking, keeping confidentiality and dignity our focus. Our instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/blackmindsmatter.uk/ provides resources as well as making mental health in the black community relevant and accessible.

This is a state of emergency for black people's wellbeing and we need your support to help us bridge the gap so that access can become available.

This is no small feat and we need you to make this happen. Black Lives Matter. Black Minds Matter.